Discovering your passion. There is no read to worry anymore because I know you stumbled upon this post due to your desire to know which direction you are heading/to head to in life.

In life, there is no age bracket that qualifies you to begin the search for what you have passion for. Some people discover theirs earlier in life, some discover theirs later on while some did not have to search at all,they grew with it.
Guides on how to find your passion.

Firstly, you need to what you are really good at and also like doing . This is the ultimate because in whatever you’re doing, if its backed up with passion, it becomes absolutely easy.

Secondly, what are you bad at but like doing . Its good to consider both the positive and negative sides before making a choice.

The next is What do you like doing but will like to get better at it. We are work towards perfection everyday. Discover that potential that’s just can’t get enough of.

And then finally, something that doesn’t drain your energy. Whatever it is that you find so hectic to do is not necessarily your passion.

Let me be more practical with these questions:
*I am really good at tutoring and I like doing it. *I am so bad at acting but I like that career type so much. *I like singing and I train so hard to get better at it. *jeez! Writing is the simplest thing I can engage in…xo

It is worthy to note that it is not only about having a desire to do something, it also involves ability to do it with smiles…

Try it out and tell me what your discovery was in the comment section. I’ll be waiting to read your responses. Also, stay glued for more.


There is a lot to know about me but hopefully, I'll get to know about you!
I own an online retail brand. I am an instructor in Melsa Online Model Scouting. I am an upcoming commercial, part model and a student.
Hope you enjoy your journey with me?

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