Race: Social identification s by physical features such as skin and hair color. Interracial relationships are becoming more rampant along the globe but not all of them succeed due to the level of its acceptance in the society.

As with any other relationship, the road to a lasting relationship is not so smooth and easy. A lot of things are put into consideration. But even after protocols have been observed, you’ll still see relationships that break up due to one issue or the other.

Most people (including me writing) are scared of ever getting into a relationship with someone from another race; making it work can become a full time job. But it is worthy to note that the problem is not actually the relationship but social disapproval. While there are many failed interracial relationships, there are also so many successful interracial relationships. The race does will not necessarily cause the failure but the inability of the couples to handle their differences and failure to talk about the stress they are experiencing.

The first step is to avoid the news: the people around you both will talk negative of you both if they disapprove. Depending on your social status, the social media will be buzzing with both positive and negative talks. If you both chose each other out of love, then it is important to remember why you started together in the first place.

The second step is to pray: Obviously prayer is ultimate. You will both need a supernatural ability for you to keep pressing forward. No matter your religious belief, take time to pray together for the success of your relationship.

The third step is to set boundaries and respect them: naturally the both of you are not alike. But taking this big step to come together demands for a lot of boundaries to be set so no one steps on the other’s emotions.

The fourth step is to stay hopeful, optimistic and positive: hope is absolute belief on something/something for something. All you will be needing is to keep your hopes high for success and work towards it. A positive mindset can conquer aged long battles too.

Very important is to focus on the dream and big picture: We all have plans for the future. Keep those dreams alive by focusing and reciting them daily.

I personally advice couples to take the time out and travel: move away from the negativity. Just be by yourselves far away from friends and families who are against your relationship. Rebuild your faith and love for each other.

Relationships fail only when we stop working. Every successful relationship today has their own story. Fight hard so your own story will be an inspiration to upcoming generations. Are you in an interracial relationship? What is the challenge you both are currently facing? How are you both managing the situation? I would love to know your responses and I will be waiting in the comment section to read them all.

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