I really appreciate you taking out time from your busy day to visit this blog. It is and has been full of amazing moments.

My name is Melsa and i am honored to be your guide on this ship. Melsa Daily upon inception is a tv channel, a blog site, a business…but only the #blogging aspect of it has been on. I am actually sourcing for sponsors to get the business registered so i can channel full energy to the growth of the brand.

I want to satisfy your curiosities by saying, “I am an entrepreneur and a model.

I am fascinated and deeply in love with fashion and modelling. Trust me, you don’t have to empty your pocket to get a collaboration with me.

I’m sure you will be fascinated by the info (below) you will gather about me. I would also also want to know about you too. Maybe not much of an info but enough to let me know i can make friends here.

Please subscribe to my blog to follow me on this journey.

Remember, i love you. xoxo

Thank you!!


As a 5’3″ Model, i am determined to make a bold mark in the modeling industry. I have done various commercial, beauty jobs for both brands and establishments. In my days as a model, i took to creating a solid pathway for aspiring models of diverse body shapes/sizes and heights to become their dreams…this sole goal birthed my model academy, MOMSA!

View my portfolio if you may.

Online retailer

I own an online store where I deal with summer niches, Jewelries and clothing in general. This store I call Melsah Collections is a movement that has come and is here to stay

Model Coach

Melsa Online Model Scouting(MOMS)Academy, is a moving train with the sole aim of scouting, training and coaching people whose dream is to be in the modeling industry. Amazing packages are set up with educating tutorial methods just to aid one’s journey to stardom. Become your dream with MOMSA troday!

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing and that is exaclty what you’re doing. Well done!

Melsa Collections

It is our choices Melsa, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities and you make the best of it.

Nathaniel B.

I love it when youth are ambitious. It gladdens my heart. God bless you love.

Michael A.

I must say i love your personality. You have quite a lot to reach the upcoming generation.

Philip O.

I would love to know you too. Please, subscribe to my website so i can reach out to you.

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