Father, a king in his home, a commoner to the outside world.


Some 12 years ago, my dad, in search of greener pasture, left home in the Southeast(Imo) to the far North(Abuja). He hadn’t any idea where he was going to stay but he had full idea what he was going to do and he was aware that God was by his side. Now, my dad’s plan was to start up something, gather money, get a house, call his family to come join him in Abuja…but he forgot his tools…

…now the guy in whose house he was squatting in, was a very cunning person;Whenever my dad got contract for a job, he borrowed him tools and insisted that he will be a partaker of the profits from the job since it was his tools that were used to work. Other times, he insisted he should have the larger share. This guy was almost 24 years younger than my dad but he never regarded my father’s age. Dad on his own was clever and chose to really put up with the whole situation. One time the guy came home upset that he wasn’t paid for a job he did that day. He had no idea how he would feed that night but eventually got a tip for meal and he couldn’t stop being thankful dad. But by morning, his arrogant self was back! Dad said he kept quiet about the whole situation because he was still new in the city and he was squatting in the guy’s house. He didn’t want something that would cause the guy to ask him to leave thereby destroying his motives of coming in the first place.

Hearing about all this and more that happened to the great Alpha Male, King and Supreme Ruler of his household broke me

Later in life I came to my own realities that The King must submit outside his Kingdom to bring bread to the table.

This post is not about my dad. This post is about the Husband – King and Commoner and an awakening in the hearts of those he fights for.

a man is truly a king in his home

The only place in the world where a Man is truly a King is his home and as soon as he steps out in search of daily bread he automatically becomes a commoner; he begs, he weeps, he is insulted, sometimes humiliated and humbled. He Kneels before lesser Men, demeaned by Clients, Superiors, Customers, Employers etc. All these he takes undignified but internally proud knowing that it is in and by his submission that bread is guaranteed on the table of his family. He knows that submission is the SURVIVOR’S APPARATUS.

When labour is over, he picks himself up adorning his Kingly Robes and returns to his Kingdom.

When he returns and if he returns, those in his kingdom must help remind him, that here is his kingdom where he reigns supreme, as Husband, Father and King!

Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers!💝



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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