We all desire long lasting relationships. But some things just pops up and begins to ruin all the hard work. Yeah! I said “hard work” because kick starting a relationship is a tough job talk more of being in it. Still, we can not help but wish for a way we can totally avoid all this relationship ish. 😪

Whilst writing my previous blog, I was so eager to know what pet names have to offer in relationships. I made a post regarding this and shared to various Facebook groups to see people’s reactions and responses. After gathering my conclusions from social media, I went web surfing; really trying to get all I needed for the blog. I understood that 87% of women feel pet names are of utmost importance.

I was looking for more so I asked yo know the importance or significance. You can not begin to imagine the responses I got:

It gives small small joy and you feel the love..

My dear pet names are very significant in a relationship ooo.
Do not say I did not tell you. U know say we girls Sabi mumu,when u know say u don commit🤔🤔,and every where just dey hot but the moment u mentioned that pet name
And rub him small on his head and come add small kiss on the forehead.
My sister,the Matter no go just end,u go still collect ATM join.🤒🤒

These and more got me laughing so hard. Why? Well, if you judge these comments by their words, you’ll understand that most people are literally forced to be in a relationship.

Ladies fall prey to pet names…(sigh)…I think I am deviating a bit from the topic of discussion. Okay, let us do it this way; I’ll upload continuation of this blog where I’ll write about the pro’s and con’s of pet names. Until then…use this link to revisit and read the previous blog.

First discover the moment

Do you know while chatting on social media, most people address each other as: dear, bae, baby, boo, sweetheart, Love etc? Personally I do this. Now, some amateur can go through these chats and think you two are sailing a ship. Even the person at the receiving end of the chat might feel same. But trust me when I say, “there is a thing as cyber language”.

When we started, he called me “dear” and I responded by calling him his name. Months on, I started calling him “dear” and he responded “obim”(Igbo for ‘My Heart’). One year down and I call him “zuchiana”(Hausa for ‘My Heart’) and he responds “my Queen”…


Not everyone enjoys every pet name and not every pet name is meant to be given anyone.Most times,just to play safe, i prefer the male partner kick starting the pet-name-march.

discover the type of man you have and work it out…

This is because, it easier to understand the pace with which the relationship is moving. Make sure the name you respond with is worth it.

He said I am “yellow pawpaw”, I called him “my love”. Weeks on, he said “dear” and I responded with “boo”. Then he called me “baby” and I was speechless.

We can deduct from the above citation that some men may never open up about their feelings unless the lady makes the first move. So ladies, discover the type of man you have and work it out instead of complaining.

He can not stay if he does not want to

From the Facebook comments, one stood out. The lady explained that pet names are used to soften the man/woman to be at peace with each other in cases where one offends the other. I could not help but conclude that she means pet names are manipulative. Some equally said it makes one feel in love. How manipulative!!!

So, the moment he calls you “baby”, you start loving… Lol. Why should I be forced to love or manipulated to jinm i’m loved? This is why Love has los it’s real meaning.

Research made me understand that most times, when a guy starts calling you pet names after your first date, then he just wants to get down with you before getting out. Be sensitive

Pet names can not keep a man

Pet names can not keep a lady

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