What job would you do for free?

So funny and almost unbelievable but, my career life is one I don’t joke with. Inasmuch as I love making money out my modeling career, I also wouldn’t mind a TFP, all-expence paid trip to amazing locations, nice and creative makeup/hairdo and opportunity to meet and network talented people from al works of life!!!!

Gosh! That is soooo Barbiecious 🤭 please don’t look that word else, you’ll be totally lost.

The most important thing to me in my modeling career is the opportunity to get better than I already am. Though it may or may not involve a pay, I would grab every blazer-eyed opportunity with both hands.



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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