Guides on how to simplify your goal-setting process I would love to say a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR to you🎉. I don’t know about you, but I really love New Years. There’s such an exciting energy of starting afresh and getting to begin the year with the exact intention you want to.➡️ But what can…… Continue reading MY YEARLY GOAL-SETTING PROCESS


Father, a king in his home, a commoner to the outside world. HUSBAND – A KING AND LABOURER/COMMONER. Some 12 years ago, my dad, in search of greener pasture, left home in the Southeast(Imo) to the far North(Abuja). He hadn’t any idea where he was going to stay but he had full idea what he…… Continue reading WHO REALLY IS A FATHER?

Journey To The Blogging World

OMG!!! I can’t believe i’m actually blogging! One of the things that has always interested me was the way people just sit to write about stuffs. True or not, we can’t tell but, all we know is that we just enjoy the moment. “Blogging is a big deal” i always say to myself. Gosh the…… Continue reading Journey To The Blogging World