Today, we are gonna talk about something different from what we are used to but also in the  line of keeping relationships healthy. We all have that one person that makes us smile while looking at our phone screens or that person that makes our heart tingle at the sound of their voices. 😋😋😋hmmmm… What…… Continue reading SAFETY IN CYBERSEX


This blog is not written to encourage or discourage anyone to do what otherwise you would or would not have done. It is solely for the purpose of enlightenment. We need to know what time is the best time for someone to retire to bed. When can it be said that one has gone to…… Continue reading SLEEPING LATE MIGHT BE BETTER


BRANDLY FRIENDLY It took me two months before I got myself to sit and write this blog. It also took me 25 minutes to come up with a title for this blog. I know ‘brandly’ is not a dictionary word but, something had to be done [smiles] so do not think twice about it😁. I…… Continue reading BRANDLY FRIENDLY


LET US DEFINE LOVE According to Oxford dictionary, love is a tender passionate affection for another person. A feeling of warm personal attachment. According to the Median Webster dictionary, love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person–attraction that includes sexual desires–the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship.…… Continue reading LET US DEFINE LOVE


CHRISTMAS AT A FRIEND’S It was Christmas in 2017. Two school friends left for Lagos state to celebrate the period with family. There school was in a one of the countries that shares borders with Lagos, Nigeria. One of the friends had so many family members that live in Lagos while the other, had none…… Continue reading CHRISTMAS AT A FRIEND’S