SLIDING INTO LOVE It has just been on two occasions and it has all been memories that put smiles on my face…well…maybe not exactly the first but most surely, the second(smile). I do not believe in the “…fallen in love…”phrase but I believe in love. I feel one should not “fall” in love cause its…… Continue reading SLIDING INTO LOVE


CHRISTMAS AT A FRIEND’S It was Christmas in 2017. Two school friends left for Lagos state to celebrate the period with family. There school was in a one of the countries that shares borders with Lagos, Nigeria. One of the friends had so many family members that live in Lagos while the other, had none…… Continue reading CHRISTMAS AT A FRIEND’S


My first crown! One thing I believe so much about life is that all things will work out if I want them to. I spent most of my early days as an aspiring model promoting other models, queens, CEOs, brands, agencies, beauty pageants etc. Not that I expected any reward or award but cause I…… Continue reading MY FIRST CROWN!


THE DUMBEST ACCUSATION 2 “…May i describe my experience here?…mmmmmmmm…You know what, i’ll just leave it for the next blog which will be the part 2 of this blog. Anticipate lovelies….” I know its been a very long while since i wrote a blog. I can’t quite pinpoint on what the issue was but i…… Continue reading THE DUMBEST ACCUSATION 2


A graduate at last This blog was supposed to be earlier than today but all is well that ends well. I don’t know how to express joy in my heart but it’s good you understand it all. You ever felt like you can’t finish something you started maybe because you don’t have enough funds to…… Continue reading A GRADUATE AT LAST