Journey to my successful project defense I don’t even know if words are enough to describe the fear that filled inside of me when i was advised by a school staff not to submit my project cause the topic doesn’t have a case study and when i was finally told by my school officials that…… Continue reading JOURNEY TO MY SUCCESSFUL PROJECT DEFENSE

Vintage Wood Groove Ring

Vintage Wood Groove Ring From the stables of Melsah Collections out of my Classic rings collection comes this dope historical piece. It comes in sizes 6-10. Introducing to you, our Vintage Wood Groove Ring! Made with materials of metal and wood, this jewelry is not just simple but classic.   It is a two colored(silver and…… Continue reading Vintage Wood Groove Ring


Tension That horror that flows in your veins; the increase in your pulse, the confusion of the mind, the hotness of the atmosphere, the anxiety of what is coming. That feeling is not what can be explained. No one wants to experience it. What causes this feeling? Honestly, we can’t trace it down to one…… Continue reading TENSION


An every day check up It’s actually a nice thing when one starts something and successfully finishes it. Oh what joy that fills the heart. Take your time to look around, what do you see? Your environment has a lot to do with your being able to complete or not to complete what you started.…… Continue reading HOW FAR DID I GO?