Meet Me

I wanna satisfy your curiosities by saying just a bit about me. I’m a student, entrepreneur and a model. I had always loved to walk the runway but not all wishes come true. This is because i don’t meet the height requirements for runway modelling. I couldn’t let my dreams die so(because my parents didn’t approve of me being a model then)i went into pageantry. I have participated in four online contests and its been a wonderful experience. Right now,(i have my parents’ blessings)i am building myself by doing photo shoots and pageantry. Most agencies don’t sign in petite models but i still hope to one day get signed into an agency cause that will boost my career to a whole new level.

My desire to be in the modeling world brought me to two modeling(both in Nigeria)where i work as a model scout. In order to ease my job, i organised an academy where i train my scouted models before taking them into an agencies. This academy i call Melsa Online Model Scouting(M.O.M.S) has been running for a while. You can check it up but please bear in mind that i’m in need of sponsorship and partnership. xoxo

Currently, i run an online retail brand by the name Melsah Collection where i have clothing and jewelries for sale. i also have printed products on sale. Some of which i call ‘our identites‘. Do you know that this blog Melsa Daily has a customized hoodie(with the logo on it)on my store? Please, visit my store to check it out. I would appreciate it more if you make an order too. xoxo.

I am also passionate about music. I am a chorister in my church choir in Nigeria and i enjoy the worship sessions more. Nothing is more amazing than when atmosphere that fills the room.

So far, i have been able to tell you much about me. I would also also want to know about you too. Maybe not much of an info but enough to let me know i can make friends here. Please subscribe to my blog to follow me on this journey.

Remember, i love you. xoxo

Thank you!!

I would love to know you too. Please, subscribe to my website so i can reach out to you.

What People Say

The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing and that is exaclty what you’re doing. Well done!

Melsah Collections

It is our choices Melsa, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities and you make the best of it.

Nathaniel .B.

I love it when youth are ambitious. It gladdens my heart. God bless you love.

Michael A.

I must say i love your personality. You have quite a lot to reach the upcoming generation.

Philip O.

Let’s build something together.