Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“…as far as your eyes can see…”


Realistically speaking, It is so easy to make a list of things on wishes to acquire or achieve within a specific period of time in life. As easy as it may sound or seem, it requires much more energy and dedication to manifest. I am not saying you should stop dreaming or planning for your future. All I am saying is, the more you plan, the more ready you should be to work hard.

Success is never achieved by merely speaking or meditating on it. Action is the game-changer. Not just any Action but dedicated action. So lovelies, when answering this question or any other question that looks like this, determine within you to put in enough time and energy.

To give my response, in the next ten years, by the amazing grace of God, I would:

  • Be very much married with kids
  • Be the proud Founder of Africa’s top model academy
  • Have a partner international business that just keeps booming

The list keeps rolling

I believe you a also have plans of your own and, I surely would want to know about them all. I would be waiting in the comment section to read all about them.



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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