What Inspired The Emergence Of My Model Academy

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HOW I STARTED Melsa Online Model Scouting

Growing up, my favorite channels to watch were E entertainment and Fashion One. My favorite programs were How done look? Keeping up with the Kardashians and Fashion on the runway. I would stay for hours watching arts and beauty. I loved the world of fashion, arts and beauty “one day, I’ll walk on a runway putting on beautiful outfits designed by creative fashion designers!!”

In my college days, I tried to get close to some students who were already making waves in the modeling industry. I felt I could learn or get links to start my dreams of being model but it sure wasn’t a very encouraging decision…I remember a day in school, after a summit, I was sitting behind this top international model and I was trying to imagine what her look feels like – all the glamour and paper and luxury and fun!!Gosh!!! I decide that day that I would open up to her about my passion. Hope fully she can direct me on how to go about it. Gosh!!! I decide that day that I would open up to her about my passion. Hopefully she can direct me on how to go about it. 

The minute the summit was over, I gave her a gentle tap on the shoulder and with smiles on my face, introduced myself to her, told her how much I heard about her and how fascinated I was then, declared by dream of being like her some day. Beaming with smiles, she proudly listed out some of her achievements and  made me understand that it was not an easy journey. Upon hearing that I also wanted to be a model, she urged me to get on my feet so she can have a full look at me. Happily, I jumped to my feet and after giving me a 10seconds look, she said “I’m so sorry dear but you can’t be a model. You are way too short for this career type. Nevertheless, you can survive and excel in other career type like music, dance, acting… I’m sure you will thrive there”

All my dreams…turned to be waste

Disappointment would be an understatement as to the way I felt after hearing those words. All my dreams, ambitions, turned to waste. I had no other choice but try to pick up my pieces together and start at a new drive. It wasn’t easy for me.

Months later, I was opportune to sit beside a course mate who is a model recognized at the state and national level. I can not really say why but I felt this push to ask her what it takes to be a model. I told her what the other lady said to me and she was so touched and countered what the other lady said. “Anybody can be a model dear. It takes only the extremely passionate to survive the heat… Even if you do not make it as a runway model because of your height, you could be successful in other modeling types…” She went ahead to tutor me on the different modeling types and I must say “I was blown away.” I got my confidence back! She is my inspiration till today!! I love you Anna Ochigbo!! She advised me to sign up with a modeling academy for more training and I did. I signed up with my 21st Century Models and after months of training, I got certified!! I also did a 3months training on pageantry.

I began to see a clearer picture of this world and I am still proud of me for taking the bold step of getting trained. I got to decide which modeling types to focus my energy on a it has been an amazing journey.

…during my days in the modeling academy, I was opportune to get connected with models, bookers, photographers etc and i kept seeing runway/fashion runway job popping on my screen and OMG I couldn’t sign up for any because I made up my mind to develop myself via commercial/glamour jobs. I went through my contact list and studying what I have there, I saw lots of beautiful people (ladies mostly) who had what it takes to be in a fashion show but had no idea how to go about it. The first lady I told about Beth model casting call was  a 5’9″, slender, fair skinned lady and she was so grateful. She attended the audition but was told to improve on her catwalk and come back for another casting call. I was happy she attended it and decided to help her. We started having catwalk rehearsals after lectures and on weekends. I must say, she improved. That was just the first person though. Most modeling agencies preferred tall models to pettite ones so, I started going into their DMs telling them I have passionate aspirants who match their recommendations and they were so grateful. One of these agencies sent me a proposal stating how pleased they would be to have me as their model coach!! I was overjoyed ; my skills are surfacing and people actually appreciate it and want more of it!!!…” I worked with them for few months before noticing they conduct beauty contests.

I decided…to start my own platform

This wasn’t really what I expected because, after I train models, they would recruit them and get the to register for online contests and these models would come bugging my DM with interrogatory questions like, “you did not teach us anything about contest. Did you forget that part?”…and other heartbreaking questions. It became clear to me that only i knew I was not pleased with the happenings and decided it would be more fulfilling for me if I started my own platform where things can run exactly how I envision them and my mission can be fulfilled.

I observed and understood that only I knew what I really wanted to achieve as a model coach. Thus, the emergence of Melsa online Model Scouting (MOMS) Academy. This academy was birthed in April 2020 and has been successfully running since then. Started off with completely free training sessions  for five (5) editions, with amazing perks and no limitations to size, height, body type, skin color or tribe. Now, registration fee is as low as 1,500NGN. The online segment of the training holds on Telegram and the physical segment holds at designated locations and it is where skills acquisition, catwalk and photoshoots come in. Currently, another training session is set to hold in December 2022 and registration is still ongoing. I want to welcome you and encourage you to take hold of this platform and #becomeyourdream.

Get trained with us today.

You can apply by direct messaging us via:

I would love to know if this post inspired you to do something differently. I want to know what it is and

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My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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