Today, we are gonna talk about something different from what we are used to but also in the  line of keeping relationships healthy. We all have that one person that makes us smile while looking at our phone screens or that person that makes our heart tingle at the sound of their voices. 😋😋😋hmmmm… What a magical feeling?

Every lady wants to have that perfect relationship that could possible last forever with that pictured perfect guy. Indeed, this is possible as long as we try to balance all factors both the good and bad. First things to consider is the communication skills. How responsive are you both to each other? How often do you leave a topic of discussion unfinished? How ready are you to make up for offences? [mmmm] just writing out these few questions have cooked up the hunger to blog about proper relationship management skills and I know lots of people will love to read that post. 🤗I guess we have just given ourselves a new blog title right? 😃 Well, we will sure have a blog on that topic soon after this one. 😉Anticipate! Let us quickly move to the factor that birthed this blog; Sex. (Please note, i am solely only in support of sex in marriage but like i said, something birthed this post). If the Holy Bible condemns sex before marriage and most families especially in Africa do not approve it, how then will people dating or courting cross this bridge without sinning and getting in trouble of sexual infections or pregnancy?🤔 Most people might say “total abstinence” but how effective and helpful has this been for our generation? Has total abstinence been able to really curb the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections and also prevent unwanted pregnancy? Please drop your answers in the comments. Sections. After my studies, I learnt about this terminology and felt the need to research more and write on it. Sex, whether we accept it or not is an important factor for a relationship to last long and when it is well managed, even though not to be depended on, can become a very powerful tool. But when it is mismanaged, can destroy long existing relationships and with it that has been built.

Activities that happen across the internet…


Cybersex is a term used to describe activities that happen across the internet or electronics devices or networks. Though cybersex can be seen as a means to commit infidelity or waste time, it can be a positive way for individuals or couples to explore their sexuality in ways that do not put them at risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STDs) or pregnancy. cybersex is fundamentally virtual, meaning it takes place over the internet or another electronic network and does not involve person-to-person physical contact. It can take place between one or two or more persons. It ranges from sexy texts sent across participants to exploring other aspects of teledildonics. I guess you want to have a clearer view on that types of cybersex and what activities can go on in a cybersex but you will not be getting that now. Hopefully, I will come up with something and give this blog a part two(2). Anticipate!

Planning a cybersex?

Planning a cybersex is going to be very different if you are doing it with your partner or spouse than if you are trying it out for a first, long-distance date. Questions to ask and things to look into before trying cybersex for the first time in any relationship are:

  1. The type of cybersex that interests you both?
  2. How comfortable are you both with cybersex?
  3. What can you and can you not comfortably share and do with each other?
  4. When do you both have time and space?
  5. Are there certain limits or triggers that your partner should respect? ETC.

Be sure to be very clear and explicit in your communication and setting of expectations as it will make your cybersex encounter something you will likely enjoy and also reduces the likelihood that either of you will do something you will regret.

A word from Melsa Daily

Most times, due to nature of jobs or locations, partners and couples are unable to explore physical relationships as easily as usual, cybersex is a safe option. But be careful not to use any equipment (phones, computers) or accounts (Zoom, Skype, e-mail) that are owned or managed by an employer. This may also violate your employer’s policies, because depending on your company rules, your activities may be monitored and will surely put your job at risk.

I believe knowledge has been passed. Like this post if you enjoyed it and drop in the comment section, your answers to the questions asked.

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Please be safe and don’t forget I love you😘



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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