It took me two months before I got myself to sit and write this blog. It also took me 25 minutes to come up with a title for this blog. I know ‘brandly’ is not a dictionary word but, something had to be done [smiles] so do not think twice about it😁. I coined the word “Brandly” from the English word “Brand”. Impressive right?😊i sure am a genius. So, I have longtime deemed it right to promote a very special brand on this website. I will tell you why so just relax😋

Hadassah Melia is a hair, skincare and beauty palace. They deal on organic hair and skincare products. They are also your plug for pedicure and manicure. Bridal makeup and hair-do is not left from their list of services. They are your special hair advisor for any hair growth and regrowth issue…

Talking about how I got in contact with them, it is indeed a story to be told. I was not supposed to have that promotional shoot that day but I ended up partaking. We were four(4) models that day. All up for different hairstyles. It took us the whole day to get done with the hair, makeup and photoshoot session that day. Because I was not prepared for the shoot, because I was not scheduled to have my shoot with them that day but the next day, I did not dress for it; I wore a red buttoned-down blouse with a high waist black flay skirt and a red sandals. No makeup on, no nails done, had no breakfast because of the rush earlier, I was there because I escorted my cousin sister who is also a model and her shoot was scheduled for that day. All the models present were on virgin(natural) hair(including me) so, it was a virgin hair shoot. After the introductions, work started. We first took pictures of our untidy hairdos to show a ‘before and after’ scenario. The first(1st) model had her hair stretched(hot combed) and curled into wavy patterns. The second(2nd) model had her hair stretched and a gel-up hairdo was done for her. Neat patterns were made on her head with the gel. The third(3rd) model(which is my cousin sister) had her hair braided and a long black wig was nicely styled for her. The fourth(4th) which was me, had an abstract hairdo. They were all beautiful to behold. Makeup was the next thing after the hairdo so, we went in turns. Though when it got to my turn, they makeup Artist said she was not paid and did not plan to make up four(4)ladies. Trust me, I felt like drowning. 😓 I just wanted to go home. But I noticed something. It seemed like @Hadassahmelia noticed my look and was instructing the lady to do a TouchUp on my face. I tried smiling again afterall I needed the smiles for the next pictures to be taken. But I soon became sad again when the makeup lady drew my eyebrow and did not conceal it😨. Then she used a black lip liner on my lips and a black eye-shadow on my eyelids 😭Mama!!!!! I wanna go!!!!. Can somebody imagine my sorrow? I wished I was given a chance to do something better on my face by myself and for myself. I looked in the mirror and said to myself:

If you do not look beautiful in this photo then the brand will not upload it on their page. You need promotion right? Then put out your best look

I had an abstract hairdo

Immediately it got to my turn, I quickly dried out the already rolling tear drop and posed for the video and pictures. I will not fail to say that the photographer @streetically was very funny and friendly. The only unfriendly person was the makeup Artist😒. Sorry sis, had to be honest with my blog. I still love your makeup though but on the other models not on me.

After the shoot that day, we(all the models) were given hair products and snacks😍. I had fun though. Ooops😯 I forgot to mention that when it got to my turn for the hairstyling, immediately she touched my hair, she was like “wow!! I love this hair…”. I could not hide the fact that I was surprised. Few days before now, I was already planning on retouching the hair because keeping virgin hair had become a battlefield for me and now this woman is excited that she will be working on the same hair!!!! I just concluded in my mind that since she is a hair therapist, surely there is something unique about the hair that she is seeing or feeling and I was not. “This is the type of hair I can spend a whole day working on…I just love your hair…so easy to manipulate…”. I want to say something here to us all, do not look down on anything you have or anyone around you. Everything and everyone has hidden potentials in them that only the specialists in certain fields of work can discover or uncover them. I was called the next day for another session but this time, it was just me. I came and we had a very interesting, interactive hair session. This bond just grew and I knew immediately that I have found a friend in them. NOTE: it was not because I was called back for a session. It was because God used her to teach me a lesson. Not only that my hair has hidden potentials but other lessons of life. You all should know me by now, when something touches my heart, it drops on my social media platforms or website. Lols.

Let me briefly describe the brain behind this amazing brand. She is a gifted entrepreneur married to an ambitious businessman. She is skilled in making liquid and bar soaps, creams perfumes and hair products. Always with a big smile on her face, her love for her staff and clients is second to non.

My pet project

https://melsadaily.worI employ you all to taste and confirm their uniqueness too. They have hair equipments and machines that aid them effectively satisfy their clients. I will not forget to say they sponsored the execution of ‘Feeding The Street Kids 2021’. This is the pet project carried out as a Queen Of Gold Africa(Togo)2020. I made a post on this queenly title and you can locate it if you have not read it or if you have forgotten and want to refresh on it again by clicking this link.

I Know right now you must be curious to know how to contact this brand. Please be calm because I will drop every detail below. Once you get to the salon, do not forget to mention to them that you’re from Melsa. Wondering why? I am set out to promote this brand and I want them to be aware of how far I have gone in doing so. You guys already know I do not waste my time uploading or promoting fake and unskilled brands or businesses. This is tasted and trusted💋.

Follow then on their social media platforms:

  • Instagram @hadassahmelia
  • Facebook page @hadassahbeauty

Or you chat them up on this WhatsApp number +234 701 091 2368. You can also simply walk into their salon located @Villa Garden Hotel, Portharcourt road Owerri, Imo state. Do not forget to thank me later😉.

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Do not forget that I love you all❤



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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