It was Christmas in 2017. Two school friends left for Lagos state to celebrate the period with family. There school was in a one of the countries that shares borders with Lagos, Nigeria. One of the friends had so many family members that live in Lagos while the other, had none cause all her family members where residing in the Southeastern part of Nigeria. The former asked her friend to follow her to Lagos for the holidays.

Lagos is a very big city in Nigeria; very busy, rowdy and noisy but industrious. I would love to maybe live there too😁. It is said that for one yo survive in that city, one need to put on a hustler’s shoes lolx. This reminds me so much of the Indians where there is a big gap between the haves and the haves not.

So, at the aunt’s place. The aunt lives in a three bedroom flat with her husband and four kids. The compound was very quiet and the kids were very friendly. The aunt was so happy to see her niece after a long time and also welcomed her niece’s friend. The kids were happy to meet their cousin too. They spent the whole evening exchanging updates on school and family. The niece and her friend were very helpful in doing the chores and cooking. A lot of preparation was being made for Christmas day because this year,

It is gonna be a full house!!!

the siblings of both the aunt and her husband will be coming to their house to celebrate Christmas! It is gonna be a full house!!! The aunt went to the market almost everyday, chicken was boiled and refrigerated almost everyday, soups, stews, sauce, were all cooked and refrigerated. Fish and all whatnot was not left out. The refrigerator smelled of kitchen😊

Four days before Christmas, this friend started feeling sick–she is one to feel a bit sick after a change of environment –and she was worried cause she knew soon she will be very weak to help out in the house and the aunt may not like that. She tried pushing the symptoms in but it weighed on her and one morning, she became so weak that she could not stand to her feet. Surprisingly to her, the aunt was very understanding for on Christmas morning, when the whole house was full and lots of chores were to be done in the house, the aunt never complained that the girl was sleeping in the room.

The next day, the niece started feeling weak as she has had a lot on her the previous day. Soon, the sick girls mother sent her money to buy medication which she did. She also bought some medicines for her friend and bought a big bread for the aunt. She did this cause she said to herself; «I have so many aunties and not all of them will let me sleep while the work on a very busy day without grumbling. Also, it is rare for someone to have a stranger in his/her house and you let them sleep on a day the house is full of family and chores.» She bought the bread to say thank you to her friend’s aunt for being so kind and understanding. She also bought suya(roasted meat) and soft drinks for the aunt’s kids. That evening, as she came back from the pharmacy, she knelt in front of the aunt and her husband and thanked them for their kindness and hospitality and gave them the gift saying “please, manage this, it is what I can afford.” The aunt and her husband were really surprised because they were not expecting anything but, they accepted it and thanked her too. The kids were so happy to have what she bought for them too. After taking their medications, the two friends were better.

Christmas soon came to an end and it was time for the two friend to travel back to their country of study. The started getting ready to leave. A week to resumption, they were ready to go. Everyone was gonna miss them. They had such a wonderful time together. The friend promised the kids she will visit again but that promise is still yet to be fulfilled up till today. But I believe she is really working on it.

Hmmmmmm…I know you must be wondering if this is a true life story or not. Well, it is as true as it is a story. Xoxo.

Have you ever spent a holiday with a friend’s family? What holiday was that? How was your stay with them? Would you like to visit them again? Please drop your answers in the comment section cause I would really love to read them. And if you have never spent a holiday with a friend’s family before, do you intend to do so? Is there a friend you are so close to that you will love to go home with him/her for a holiday? Do tell me in the comment section. I will surely read them all.

In conclusion, I will want you all to know that it is very important to be our nicest self to anyone that comes our way.

Also, if you know you have a similar experience or something totally different but you will like me to put it on my website, send me an email today and let us discuss it!!

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And do not forget to stay safe and remember, I love you😘



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