“…May i describe my experience here?…mmmmmmmm…You know what, i’ll just leave it for the next blog which will be the part 2 of this blog. Anticipate lovelies….”

I know its been a very long while since i wrote a blog. I can’t quite pinpoint on what the issue was but i must say i’m more than excited to be writing again. I really missed ya’ll! So, a promise is a debt right? Well, I’m here fulfilling one of my past promises. I believe we all remember what we discussed in the first part of this blog? But if you’ve forgotten, you can revisit the blog here so you can join the flow.

Now to start of, what I’m about to talk about happened precisely in the year 2018. I was in the first semester of my second year in the university. Please for you not to stress yourself wondering when I graduated and how many years I spent in the University, just use this link to read my blog on that. I believe you’ll enjoy that journey.

I believe we all have an idea what life in school is like; lectures, tests, excursions, group assignments, defenses, transport fare to & fro, house rents(for those living off-Campus), upkeep, handouts, booklets, textbooks, exams etc. Then, there is the fun part: school hiking, field trips, fresher’s night, pool parties, nights outs, hangouts, dinner nights etc. Let’s not forget the fights with besties, roommates and course mates. Lol. The boyfriends/girlfriends issues…geez!!! Worst nightmare.

Well, my school life was less of the fun part (smile). I had two lovely roommates. Permit me to say that everyone has both their good and bad sides but it will be nice to note that it didn’t all go down well with us three but that’s not what we’re discussing today. Normally in school, there is a pure difference between the classy, less classy and inclassical students…lol. “The happening babes” or “The school rockers” whatever name you choose to call them.

There was a “rich guy” in school, I liked him cause he was very brilliant. Its rare to see students from rich homes who are serious with their studies. He was every girl’s target; gentle, intelligent and rich!! Wow!!!hahaha… Do you wanna know what I saw in him? I saw slow, pompous, intelligent and from a rich home(I didn’t see him as a rich guy cause he was operating under his parent’s money not his)wink. He was a lover of good things, ladies inclusive. Girls would troop into his house just to see if they could eat the crumps from his table. It wasn’t really easy for we students schooling in another man’s land. It happened that this guy picked interest in me. I still try to know why cause then, I was this skinny, darker girl lol.

Rich guy

dEvil is evil indeed; that was exactly the period when we had no money in our house. Wait a minute! I didn’t explain his t’s & c’s when ladies come around in need of financial help from him! HA!!! I guess some people’s mind already calculated and summed the whole stuff up…lol. (Did I forget to say he was a sex lover?) I believe now you can imagine what those t’s & c’s were. And ladies were lining up!! (Sniffs)…I need a handkerchief. Let me get one…

I’m back!! So less about my school mates and more about me. I didn’t like this guy cause he was a Muslim(apologies to all the Muslims in the house). Its seen that Muslim guys especially those of the Hausa tribe in Nigeria are from rich homes because in Nigeria, most of the top officials, head of offices, Senators, DPOs even Presidents and Governors are Hausa and Muslim (now you can see why I said “…he was operating under his parent’s money not his…”). Moreover in my country, there is a religious conquest between Muslims and Christains. For some reasons unknown to me and most youths, some families of both religions don’t allow their children to intermarry.

Okay, back to school. I was pushed to get close to him but when so I can understand if he liked me cause he wants to help or there is something attached. (This was before I knew he asked something of ladies before aiding them). I found out he has good sides but he is overwhelmed with the mindset that he can control anything. My dear, I made a run but not without taking what I needed. Firstly, I made him understand the kind of girl I am. He was persistent but I persisted more. I would promise to see him next week and he would give me the amount I needed. Then by that next week, I would pretend to be ill or in church. This guy was shocked at how I maneuvered him.

Let me just skip to what made me decide to write this blog. When we got to our second year in school, matters started arising. One of my roommates who moved out a few months ago(we were now two instead of three as at second year), started a volcano. She with a group of friends started circulating a rumor — “…how can she say she didn’t sleep with him and he gave her all the money he gave her?…who is that girl this guy would give money without doing something with her?…she just thinks she can fools us all…we know him(the rich guy) more than her…” Can you imagine the commotion? Let me shock you a bit; I couldn’t open my mouth to defend myself cause OBVIOUSLY, “he had one thing or another with everybody that he had given money”. No one wanted to hear my truth. They wanted me to accept theirs…I was like an innocent man forced to dig his own grave…

..hear my truth…

What could I have done? I had already ended any form of communication with the said guy cause of his outrageous demands. I just had to accept their perceptions… But I was shocked to my bones when something came up; this guy spoke!!! He was angry at every single girl that had a hand in that rumor and he made a statement — “…how can you say I slept with her when I am here wondering how I gave her money without knowing the size of her bra?…please don’t embarrass me more than I already have been…” Yes guys!!! You can imagine the atmospheric change. I was short of words. I knew he said all that out of anger towards me but it meant a whole lot. He immediately ended any form of connection with all the girls that carried that rumor. He stopped allowing them into his house and stopped giving them money. The table turned!!

Some people say I should have kept shouting my own truth out loud. But my voice is not strong enough. So, a louder, stronger voice spoke! Xoxo.

Okay friends, that’s where I’ll draw the curtain. I believe we all learnt something from my story. And I believe we all have our individual experiences. I most definitely would love to hear them. Please feel free to talk a bit about it in the comment section below. But if you’ll like me to blog about them, so as to teach people or advise people, please email me your experience by clicking here. You can also follow me on my social media handles: Instagram @official.melsa Facebook @Mel Sa and my Facebook page @Melsa Daily

I want you to remember that I love you. Please stay safe.



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.

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