A graduate at last

This blog was supposed to be earlier than today but all is well that ends well. I don’t know how to express joy in my heart but it’s good you understand it all. You ever felt like you can’t finish something you started maybe because you don’t have enough funds to or because you’re just not fit to meet up with it’s demands? Its so disheartening when we start something and at the brick of our success, things become so tight and impossible but I want you to bear in mind that every tunnel has an end and at the end of every tunnel, there is a hole

Life tends to show us that it is not always sweet and easy. I know as you read through this blog, it’ll be like a random post but this is me celebrating my victory.

My parents wanted quality for me so they made sure to enroll me in private school. My academic life started in 2001 at the age of 3. Those days were the sweetest because I was only obliged to keep my uniform neat and repeat at the top of my voice whatever my teacher says in class be it a poem, story or a teaching. Life was so simple…

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I stayed three years in Nursery school and graduated to Basic school where I spent five years of my life. Though I started taking up responsibilities like, going to school oby myself, washing my school socks and undies, reading some novels or lectures to the class, work hard to get an award at every end-of-the-year party in school, it was still so sweet. But one thing that breaks my heart about this stage of my academic life is that I was bullied a lot. Even though i was so eager to leave this stage of life and move to the next, I was anxious of the next life cause I knew it will be tougher(it was a mixed feeling; I was excited and anxious).

Slowly slowly, I left Primary school for High School. High school came with lots of packages and they were the days I had to decide what kind of person I was going to be both as an ambition and generally in life. I loved my high school days and by now, I had younger ones whom I took to school too. I was one of the best in Physics and I loved Biology but i chose the Arts department because I wasn’t a fan of chemistry(I don’t know why but we don’t get along)lol. I was elected an Assistant Chapel Prefect in senior high. I wasn’t bullied, I was loved. I would term this the FUN stage.

After I graduated from High school in 2015, I spent two years working. I just loved the idea of “earning morning”. I first worked as a Sales Personnel in a fueling station then, got a job as a Receptionist in a company. Cool.

Meanwhile, I would love you to know that in my country, undergraduates literally pray to be admitted into college. The case is so disheartening. I had to leave home for college and Bénin Republic was it for me. You’ll want to know how I graduated in Togo right? Well, I moved to Togo in my final year. I had three years to spend in college but the first two years is what I will briefly describe as sell my rights; an experience that woke me up to realities of life. I know you’re wondering what happened, surely I will tell, but definitely not in this blog. I will write a full blog on that two years of my life that alarmed me.

At this juncture, I wanna advice any student especially those far from home. Please be careful of friends you let close to you. Letting someone come so close will warrant unnecessary degradation and disvalue of you.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Keep some gaps!! Though not everyone is a victim of friend-turned-foe. I’m still hoping to find that one “BFF” but let’s just keep it safe.

…[may I take a glass of water]…

I’m back! So, obviously, the last one year of college was the best of the three. I would say it was more of a me time and I loved every second of it. I got friends who loved and supported me and I loved everyone of them. Most of them are people I will hold dear to my heart forever…I feel like pinpointing… hmmmmmm… You know what? I’ll just leave kisses and huggies for each of them cause they already know themselves..lol


On the 3/9/2020, I signed out of college. It was a joy overflow experience.

I have plans of going for my Masters but that would be later on. I’m tasked with serving my country first before any other thing.

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Wow!!! What a life? All Thanks to God in all. I wanna appreciate my parents for loving, supporting and believing in me. I also appreciate everyone that played a role in my academic pursuit. God bless you all real good.

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I look forward to having you again. Please remember I love you…xoxo



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.


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