It is an honor.


Some people can testify to the fact that i love opportunities and i know how to grab them. lol. One of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made in life was getting into modeling. I had zero idea about the career( FYI, modeling is a lifetime career for me), i didn’t have anyone to guide me through or any idea what move to make next. I just decided that i wanna live and be my dreams…

Before i continue, let me emphasize a bit for the sake of aspiring models reading this post. Pageantry is quite different from modeling; this two are often said to be the same thing but they aren’t.

Trust me guys, i’m gonna write blog on my journey into the modeling/pageantry industry but not today. So, i found my way into two of the most remarkable, talent-filled agencies. I can’t explain how though but i am not just a model/pageant, i’m a model scout! And to tell you how right the Holy Bible is when it said “The gifts of a man makes a way for him”, i have been invited to lecture in over 4 groups either as a scout or a guest tutor. xoxo. Okay, i want you all to know now it’s not by my power that all these happen but by the grace if God. I’m forever grateful to Him.

“The gift of a man makes a way for him”

I wanna continue by saying that my academy M.O.M.S actually needs sponsorship and partnership. So, if you have a lookalike vision, please hit me up. xoxo.

I woke up on the 23rd August to a message from an unknown number. I greeted back and the messenger responded “My name is Victoria Jonah. I am a model, an ambassador for ‘models ain’t prostitutes’,…a Bigbuzznation and the CEO of the EMP’s arts and entertainment”. You can imagine my reaction; such a dignitary graced my inbox. But i was humbled by her reason for chatting me up. “…i need you to deliver tutorials on that platform…” The first thing i asked myself was, “how did she know i tutor?” I couldn’t turn the request down. Not because of the status of the person making the request but its my passion and an honor. So, i started off by preparing a lecture the best way i can, had my class and you know what? I had the best of time on that platform. I saw her vision and i immediately fell in love with her. By the way guys, EMP’s mean- Emperors and Empresses arts and entertainment. Let me talk a bit about the platform; EMP’s is a platform where models, designers, bloggers, dancers, musicians, artists, photographers and all entertainment personnel are nurtured and promoted. Huge right? They have executive member positions like the CEO, the Project Manager, Secretary, Logistics Manager and because its a bit of pageantry too, the Face of EMPS’s.

Queen Victoria Jonah

She was so grateful and kept thanking me after the class. “Thanks dear. With people like you, we can achieve our visions with ease”. Trust me folks, when the Bible made that statement, it wasn’t lying. I asked myself how she saw my potentials but that scripture was the answer i got. I guess she didn’t want to loose me lol.

We had a lot of chats after that, i just love her sense of humor. I have a new friend now! Not just a friend, a potential partner. Now, the reason behind me writing this blog is thus:

On the 24th August, the message dropped in my inbox. BOOM!!!

Melsa I’ve never met you but, can you be part of our team @the EMP’s?

Queen Victoria Jonah.
“It is an honor and a privilege i won’t take for granted”

I sent the shocked emoji as a reply. It was the biggest shocking surprise i’ve received since i started tutoring. And then she went further to say ‘as our Social Media Manager”. This might not mean anything to you reading but it means a lot to me and my career!! “It is an honor and a privilege i won’t take for granted Ma’am” was my humble response. This is just the beginning lovelies. xoxo.

Drawing close to my conclusion, i wanna ask for your support on this new drive. You could visit @De EMPs on Facebook or @the emps on Instagram to learn more about the platform. Again, if you’re an aspiring model, i urge you to first get trained with @moms__1 on Instagram and if you’re new in the entertainment industry or upcoming, and you need a circle of dream chasers alike, feel free to relate with the group.

Finally, i wanna urge you not to give up on your dreams or passion. It may look small and like nothing will come out of it now but, the only mistake you’ll make is to quit or give up. My mom always said “little drops of water makes an ocean”.

Now, i wanna know from you, what step are you choosing to take toward becoming your dream? Do let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to rate this post and like it if you enjoyed it.

Remember, i love you



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.


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