Journey to my successful project defense

I don’t even know if words are enough to describe the fear that filled inside of me when i was advised by a school staff not to submit my project cause the topic doesn’t have a case study and when i was finally told by my school officials that my project topic may not be approved.

In Africa, during your final year in the university, you are meant to do a sort of research on a topic based on your discipline. You would be given a supervisor who will guide you through the process and ensure you’re a hundred percent prepared.

The process is thus: you get three easy-to-work topics, you present them to your supervisors and he/she is to choose one. Once a topic is chosen, your work begins…sounds simple right? Don’t get too excited. Now, the internet becomes your closest friend. You do both physical and online research just to have enough information for your work while your supervisor becomes your guardian angel.

Now your work begins

In my case, as an International Relations student from the faculty of Social Sciences, my topic was ‘Conflicts and Causes of Conflicts in Africa’. HUGE RIGHT?

My topic was approved on 29th July, 2020 and the defense was slated for 14th August, 2020. Gosh!! what miracle did i not pray for? Starting my work was the most stressful thing because as a model scout, i already had students in training and i had to round up with them so they can start applying into agencies. This happened to be one of the most stressed periods for me. My eyes has never ached of pain and my body has never yearned for rest the way it did this period. I typed my a** out!

I need Sleep!!!!

By 6th August, i was done with my work! Surprised how i managed to do that so soon? Well, i took excuses from the agencies i work with and was granted a leave for the period of my preparation. I also took permission from my students and equally gave them tasks for the being. On 9th August 2020, i submitted my finished project to my supervisor for cross-checking and final signing. Wait! Did i forget to say my say supervisor is a really really really really busy man? OMG he is miles away from me and our means of communication is social media. He first complained that i worked on the project without involving him. He made me understand that it is meant to be a joint work.

Its 12th, August and i haven’t heard from My Supervisor. You can imagine how tensed i was. “You don’t have much time” was what i kept hearing in my mind. By 10:30PM i still hadn’t heard anything, i chatted him up and he wasn’t responding. So, i decided i was gonna print my work without him approving. Waking up on 13th August, i saw the notification of a missed call from my supervisor. Hurriedly called him back and oh my God you won’t believe what he told me.

Hello Sandra…Sorry for the delay. I haven’t yet gone through your work. I will start now and try to finish up before 5PM so you’ll have time to print…

My Supervisor.

I simply said “Yes”. What else was i to do? At about 5:57PM, he got back to me and approved my printing. That night was a lot of work for me. I found my way to a cybercafe to get my project printed.

Let me just skip to defense day 14th, August. I was literally having butterflies in my stomach. Got all dressed up with a black on navy blue outfit and a pink shoe. I alongside my friends started for school which is like an hour ride in a car.

Road to success.

Finally, we have arrived and we were informed that we ought to have a photocopy of the printed work cause we would be asked to submit the photocopy to school. I almost ran crazy! PHOTOCOPY!!!

Thank God for a cybercafe i found nearby. I started photocopying my work. Its almost 10:15AM and i’m on my way back to school. I was welcomed back with a shocking update; that the defense has been postponed to 17th. I was upset cause i had put my mind to it. The reason for the postponement was that most student did not really understand the PowerPoint concept and they wanted to give them time to get ready. A staff took his time to enlighten us on the process of preparing a PowerPoint presentation. He took a look at my work and said “…your project ought to have a case study cause Africa is too wide. You need to re-type this project and get a case study to focus on…”. I felt like fainting. Where am i gonna start from? Re-type my project! I just bent my head and prayed silently asking God for help. My mind was literally racing. “Does this mean that my topic would have been canceled if the defense hadn’t been postponed?” Three hours later, the school was almost empty cause a lot of staff and students had left. My friends and i(we were about 5) were still in school trying to practice what the staff had taught us. A student who already has his own work done and completed came in and i can’t actually explain how but, he started helping us set up the PowerPoint. He helped each and every one of us. He even provided a topic similar to the one i already had for me and he said he was gonna get me the full work and all i’ll have to do is print. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying “God is a god of the last minute”. We went home and all i did was sing thanks to God for stepping into my matter.

Thank God for stepping in.

Its 3:29PM on 15th and he was already done with my work. He sent both the project work and PowerPoint to me! I know right. God is too good. No stress and i have my work done. I immediately started reading so i can understand what the project is talking about. I couldn’t print then cause i hadn’t money.

I got money on 16th eve but no cafeteria was opened for work that day so, i couldn’t print my new work. The next morning as early as 6:05AM, i started printing my work. My new project was entitled ‘Conflicts And Causes Of Cnflicts Between The Herdsmen-Farmers In Nigeria. A Case Study Of Benue State’. Now, Benue state is a well populated state in Nigeria and its slogan is “the food basket of the nation”. I won’t fail to say i love both the old and new project work.I got dressed with a stripped long-sleeved shirt on a blue jean with a black shoe. Its 8:22AM and my friends and i are on the go.

The first thing we were instructed to do was submit copy of our project and write our name in a roaster. The Panel arrived around 10:34AM. The panel was made up of 5 men. The defense started by 10:45AM. They picked randomly and i was the second person to be called up. I never expected to be called that early. My PowerPoint was projected on a white board and i was to stand infront of the panel and students and defend my project. I had already rehearsed my facial expressions and movements but i never rehearsed the tension. Hhahahahhahahahaha. My lips became dry and my voice was literally shaking while i spoke but, i was able to gather myself and God took control. I defended and my friends were applauding me. “You did well” ” I love the way you did yours” This and more were all i kept hearing.

I was speaking to over 30 students and a panel of 5

This is the point where i give thanks and share pictures. But before that, i want to thank you for following me on this journey. Thank you for smiling with me, feeling tensed with me, laughing with me and thanking God with me. I appreciate you.

Its 4:23PM and we are all done. A member of the panel walked up to me and shook my hands. “You did well Sandra…i’m proud of you” My heart danced in joy. We all(project defenders) had our moment for pictures and we took tons of them.

Our final exams has been scheduled to start on the 24th. Bachelor of Science(BSc) degree in International Relations loading 98%.

Final exams loading…

I really love you(reader)and appreciate every moment you have spent with me on this journey to defend my project. Please like this post if you enjoyed it and kindly subscribe to my blog and turn on the notification to get notified each time a new blog is posted.

We did it!!!


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