Vintage Wood Groove Ring

Vintage Wood Groove Ring

From the stables of Melsah Collections out of my Classic rings collection comes this dope historical piece. It comes in sizes 6-10.

Introducing to you, our Vintage Wood Groove Ring! Made with materials of metal and wood, this jewelry is not just simple but classic.  

It is a two colored(silver and brown) ring with a basic uniqueness (handmade)

This Vintage Wood Groove Ring was made out of exotic wood and premium metals. It’s full creativity and craftsmanship is a products that tells a story. Craftsmen in the early centuries carved items out of wood and whiskey barrel to either signify something or make life a whole easier. Chandeliers then, we’re made out of whisky barrels and so on. The carving of rings from wood came as a distinct knowledge. It has today turned into a trend in the fashion world. Not only is the ring made of wood, improvements are been included as both metal or steel are added to it’s production.

The use of Jewelries for adornment in started in Egypt. It is believed that the Egyptians are people so consumed with love for Jewelry. Having to go to the market in those days became really expensive for the men whose women needed jewelries. So, since some of them were farmers, sculptors or carvers, they needed to think out of the box.

Currently, all types of jewelry are available in wooden form. But now men no more need physical strength to make a wooden ring. Technology has made it do simple to achieve this 

WHAT PROBLEM DOES IT SOLVE? The first thing will be to remind people of their cultures. This Vintage Wood Groove Ring is a tool that  drives our memories back to our roots. Indeed, it is a great fashion tool. Generally rings are for adornment but as small or simple or classic as It is, it is one of the most important aspect of an attire. It makes us cultural in a dynamic way

So far, no comments from the unit.

This jewelry contains both silver and wood so you are a lucky buyer to meet with it. Trust the uniqueness it comes with. Our cultures and traditions are flowing down the drain each day, but this rings are a present representation of our history.

One of the things that makes this piece special is its mixture of metal and wood.

We have currently over a hundred of this amazing product in stock. This is because we wouldn’t want to give excuses to its admirers and buyers.

TESTIMONIES: some people who came in contact have these to say:

(1) M***t from Estonia said “It is very light. I liked it! Most especially the inside because it is so smooth”.

2)M***s from United Stated said ” Absolutely gorgeous! great quality” 

Now, in conclusion, as you navigate through the store, we would like you to know we’re not interested in a quick turnaround machine produced product, instead, we’re focused on providing a unique and quality piece of art created by a master craftsman!  We want to provide a ring that you actually look forward to wearing everyday

Drop a comment telling me if you have visited my store and what you felt. Let me know of the order you made cause I can’t wait to fulfil them.

Love you❤



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