That pain in my chest

The most painful type of pain is the one only you can feel. Most times you try to explain but they don’t always get it. You just end up enduring it cause that seems to be best option. This is exactly what i feel. Its the highest level of hurt. Gosh the fear it brings to my soul. The fear that i might slump or faint. The wish that it could all go away. I close my eyes and all i can do is to be thankful to God for life. “all is well” i always say.

I was 15 years when it started. Couldn’t sleep in the night,kept rolling from side to side. Finally i woke to a sharp pain in my chest. Gosh i felt like someone was trying to pull my heart out of its socket. I ran to my parents room and started crying. My parents, siblings and my uncle that came to spend the week started praying. Everyone was damn confused: what is wrong with her? what did she eat? where the questions i kept hearing. “God please! you know i’m your child, please make it stop” i prayed. My mum would tell me to speak the blood of Jesus and i was repeating it like an anthem. Would i ever forget that night?

No mother or father wants to see their child in pains. But i feel sad each time my peeps are worried mostly about me. We went to a hospital and after some examinations, it turned out that the pain in my chest was heart burn. “Was my heart on fire? I’m i gonna loose my heart?” was what i kept asking myself. My life changed from that day. I was instructed to chew down my food to the smallest pieces before swallowing, drink enough water first thing every morning, stop wearing bra but wear singlets more, don’t eat anything too peppery… Genosil became my everyday snack. My dad knew i needed to run a scan. He felt something could be broken in my chest.

“…please make it stop’

Having to leave home and travel for school was a big decision. But surprisingly, 2 weeks before then, i realized the pain was no more. Fresher years were fun and full of experience. I had never been away from home and wanted to make the most of it. You’re wondering if i never experienced the pain again right? Well guess what, i did! Right from my final year in school, something new came up; it was not just a pain this time around, it was more of a battle. I realized that i only had to sit up or stand up straight else i might trigger something. The difficulty in breathing it breathing was just unbearable.

“You’re going to be fine” my mom prayed. “once you get up, we check you up” my dad promised. Have you wondered where i am writing this blog to you? How long this stories happened? Let me surprise you a bit; i’m currently about to write my final year exams and get my Bsc. And today, as of this writing, i can’t find those pains no more. God always hears the prayers of His children. He heard and answered mine and today, i’m healed!!

Now, what is that “pain” in your chest? Mine was heartburn. Yours could be anything physical, internal, mental, social, emotional, financial. Whatever eats you up at night and causes your chest to ache. All you need is faith in God and His word. I pray you receive your healing like i did mine. Amen.

All is well

Please leave a comment telling me what your greatest pain was and how you overcame it. Anticipate my next blog and remember i love you



My name is Melsa and I'm a Nigerian (southeast). I am a 5'3" model with untameable love for content creating/developing! I write mostly inspirational blogs...i also niche to lifestyle, relationship, arts and craft....Did i mention i scout & coach models? well, now you know! I hope we'll have fun together here.


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