Journey To The Blogging World

OMG!!! I can’t believe i’m actually blogging!

One of the things that has always interested me was the way people just sit to write about stuffs. True or not, we can’t tell but, all we know is that we just enjoy the moment.

“Blogging is a big deal” i always say to myself. Gosh the horror i felt each time i imagined my self in that room…hahahaa..

How then did you start? might be the question running through your mind. I had to overcome that fear. I told myself one day that i am going to follow my heart and that is what i’m gonna do. Crazy right? But you know what? I started by jotting down facts i knew about top celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and i started getting inspiration from other bloggers. And right now, you’re reading my first blog!!

it may not professional at the time of your reading but, ‘practice makes perfect’.

I would like to tell anyone out there that blogging doesn’t have to be about fashion. You can be your biggest inspiration. Telling stories of your life to people is a verbal form of blogging.

So, officially, this website will be about me and my personal and professional life. You will get an insider on my me!

I hope your journey with me is one you would love to embark on over and over again.

Love you, Melsa.



There is a lot to know about me but hopefully, I'll get to know about you!
I own an online retail brand. I am an instructor in Melsa Online Model Scouting. I am an upcoming commercial, part model and a student.
Hope you enjoy your journey with me?

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